About me

Born in 1975, Seungjin Lee chose “Jina” as her professional name, a nickname from her famed and creative Korean folk music family,“Hanbaegajok”. From this background, Jina dived deeply into the world of creative expression through art, graduating with prestigious honors from the Fine Arts Department of Dankook University in Korea. Shortly thereafter, her unique work was exhibited with success in Korea. She then set her sights on broadening her exposure. For more than 10 years Jina lived and painted throughout China, traveling as far as the Xinjiang province in the Northwest. After these exciting years, she decided to move in France to write another page of her artist life.

Always keen on innovating and on reinventing herself, Jina’s work encompasses a dynamic relationship between subtlety and passion, as well as simplicity and boldness. The diverse abstract motifs, from mixed flat colors to subtle ink drops, represent Jina as an individual, and link earthly life to less tangible realities, and to another common theme, that of dreaming. This dream may be a fantasy, a wish for the future, or a road to destiny.

Jina’s paintings bear a strong heritage of the traditions of Korean watercolor and ‘Chae saek hua (a painting style using rich colors made from stone powder). Combining these with a deep understanding of early European Renaissance portraits, and the Gongbi style of Chinese water-ink painting, Jina has brought new depth and dimension to such themes as love, longing, and loss; and to family, nature, and soul

Since she moved in Paris in 2014, Jina continues to explore her art, mixing techniques such as oil paintings, ink or gold, while preserving her deep background story.