Jina Lee - Korean Artist Painter

About me

Born in 1975 in Seoul (South Korea), Seungjin Lee chose “Jina” as her professional name, a nickname from her famed and creative Korean folk music family,“Hanbaegajok”. From this background, Jina dived deeply into the world of creative expression through art, graduating with prestigious honors from the Fine Arts Department of Dankook University in Korea.

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My portfolio

Always keen on innovating and on reinventing herself, Jina’s work encompasses a dynamic relationship between subtlety and passion, as well as simplicity and boldness. The diverse abstract motifs, from mixed flat colors to subtle ink drops, represent Jina as an individual, and link earthly life to less tangible realities, and to another common theme, that of dreaming.

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I was more than happy to see you at my last exhibition. Around 30 paintings from the series "Shake and wave", "Secret garden" and "A Bird's Dream" were shown. See you very soon in the next event.

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